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Easy ideas for hosting an Oxfam Get Together without much planning...

Posted by Clare Rudall

20th Feb 2013

Get Together

So it's less than a month until International Women's Day and we're getting really excited with all the creative ideas that are flooding in from people who have already registered to host their own Get Together to raise funds for Oxfam! From bake-offs and 'crafternoon teas' to zip wiring across a river, the Oxfam Get Together 2013 looks set to be a huge success!

Want to get involved but a bit worried that you've not got enough time to organise an event?

Don't worry, some events can be organised really quickly - even in just a few days! 

Follow this blog, which is full of easy ways that you can get together with friends, family or colleagues and raise some money for women living in poverty worldwide.

It's important to remember that it doesn't matter how much your event raises - just £31 will train a birthing attendant in Ghana in basic maternal care, skilled delivery, identifying complications, referrals and preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission - so sign up and do whatever you enjoy doing!

Don't forget you don't have to hold your Oxfam Get Together actually on March 8th itself, any time in the weeks surrounding it works just as well so just pick whenever is easiest for you.

Blog post written by Clare Rudall

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