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Join thousands at London’s BIG IF rally on Saturday 8 June

Posted by Lowri Smith Media and Communications for Oxfam Cymru - Intern

23rd May 2013


Join thousands at London's BIG IF rally on Saturday 8 June at 2pm in Hyde Park and demand and end to world hunger. We need you to help create a noise and plant a huge, visual petition that G8 leaders can't ignore.

Did you know? One in eight people don't have enough food to stay healthy. Every 15 seconds a child dies of hunger.  There is enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food. This is the silent scandal and injustice of our age.

In June, world leaders come together to decide the fate of millions at the G8 Summit. IF you speak up at  and join us in London you can help build a big enough noise to persuade them to stop the silent scandal of hunger.

The decisions our leaders make can change the futures for millions of hard-working mums and dads from the world's poorest countries, who are unable to feed their family.

There is enough food for everyone IF world leaders end the scandal of tax dodging in poor countries, stop land grabs, and use land for food not biofuel. This will only happen IF we join in, speak up and turn out.

IF helped to make sure the Government kept its promise on aid. Every day, aid helps to prevent and treat hunger. It helps millions of children like Adoun, age 2. During last year's drought in Chad, Adoun became so malnourished that he couldn't walk, His mum Zenaba was sick with worry. Because of international aid, Adoun got life-saving food.

Thanks to thousands of you who campaigned on aid, we can continue to prevent and treat hunger for millions of children like Adoun.  Join us and make IF happen and be there at the beginning of the end for hunger.

Help tackle hunger and save millions of lives get down to London's Hyde Park on 8 June 2013 for the #BIGIF rally on 8 June at 2pm.

Register your place now Buses going from across Wales!

Blog post written by Lowri Smith

Media and Communications for Oxfam Cymru - Intern

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