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What's occurrin'? Riverside-on-Sea, that's what!

21st Aug 2013

Anna McVicker, Oxfam Cymru's Livelihoods Worker in Riverside, Cardiff writes:

 I  organised a trip to Barry Island with women who take part in our project at South Riverside Community Development Centre. It coincided with Eid celebrations and was a chance for the children to get to know each other. The experience was novel for some, who had never been to the Welsh seaside or ever ridden on a train.

We gathered laden with picnics, buckets and spades and swimming gear, determined not to be deterred by the traditional Welsh pouring rain!

In fact, the weather spoiled nothing and the day was a resounding success. Among the chat and laughter, connections were made and friendships forged, especially for two women who found they had a great deal in common. Many stories were told and phone numbers exchanged.

It even stopped raining for a couple of hours, and the children actually swam in the sea. We all shared picnic food and chips, and took in the unique Barry Island blend of family fun, pounding music and sand with everything.

A trip to the seaside is a wonderful break from the daily grind, especially if you never normally leave your neighbourhood. Doing new things and meeting new people boosts your confidence and helps you get a whole new perspective on your problems - and that is what Oxfam's Livelihoods project is all about.

Livelihoods is supported by the Unilever Foundation and The Big Lottery Fund Wales.