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Hey PepsiCo! Say no to land grabs!

Posted by Lois Eckley Media and Communications Officer, Wales

21st Nov 2013

This video below features displaced farmers taking to the streets of Cardiff to see if anyone can help them find somewhere new to live and work; and members of the public baffled by the idea that anyone could be forced off their land and compelled to find somewhere new. But this reaction demonstrates the contrast we face: while people in this country can be quite sure that their homes and livelihoods won't be taken by force, in many countries this practice is commonplace.

In response to pressure from Oxfam and signatures from 215,000 people like you across the world, Coca Cola have publicly agreed to crack down on land grabs in their supply chain; but what about other big food and drink companies? If Coca Cola are willing to commit, why not PepsiCo?
That was the question we had in mind when we decided to make this video challenging Pepsi to step up to the mark. They say they don't participate in land grabs, but are they doing enough to make sure the same is true of their suppliers?

I've been volunteering with Oxfam for a few months now, and was especially excited to be involved with this project.The chance to do something creative, to help fight the doom and gloom around the issue, and to bring local actors and filmmakers together was something that I knew would be encouraging.  It goes to show that even with limited resources (a camera, a mic, some cobbled together costumes, and friends cajoled into cameos) you can achieve a great deal. From one day's filming we managed to create something that helps relate the issue to our lives, and call the public to action rather than despairing.

Blog by Emrys Barnes

Blog post written by Lois Eckley

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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