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Posted by Lois Eckley Media and Communications Officer, Wales

29th Nov 2013

We can learn from our African neighbours by looking beyond the poverty, stigma, and severe lack of resources.

 This is one of the many messages in a photographic exhibition by Disability in Wales and Africa in Cardiff this week.

"The exhibition aims to show what we have in common as well as our differences,"says organiser Paul Lindoewood who has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and has some communication impairment. "It is about sharing our humanity." 

"Africa has always been close to my heart, I lived in Kenya for nine years.  When my family moved to Wales, and became involved in the Wales Africa movement, I wanted to do something meaningful to put disability high on the agenda.  Whilst acknowledging the big barriers that many African disabled people face day by day, there are times when I feel more disabled in Wales than I do in Kenya."

 The DWA (Disability in Wales and Africa) was established by Paul Lindoewood in 2010 and has worked to raise the profile of disabled people, and their families, within the Wales Africa sector.  Although December 3rd is an important day in the calendar, this is the first time they have tried a photographic exhibition. In October Paul went to Kenya, armed with 25 disposable cameras to secure photographs for the display.      

"We will display photographs showing the lives of disabled people in Wales and in Africa.  I gave cameras to disabled people in three Kenyan communities and asked them to photograph day-to-day life situations, education, recreation and work and also show us the barriers they face. We did the same here in Wales. We want people to see how much we have in common, as well as the differences." 

The unique photographic display will be launched at 1.20 pm on 3rd December 2013 in The Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay. It will then be available to view, both on the DWA website and in physical form.  A short DVD is also being made around the exhibition.   

Blog post written by Lois Eckley

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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