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Syria Vigil

Posted by Louise Weinzweig Activist and Community Campaigner, Oxfam Cymru

20th Feb 2014

Stand With Syria at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff

We all get homesick sometimes but after 3 years how would you feel knowing that your country and those you left behind are dealing with a vicious conflict every day? Families are living through appalling devastation. Every hour 300 people flee their homes in fear. Every month 6,000 more people are killed - that's the population of Welshpool wiped out every few weeks.

We must all act to make this the last anniversary marked with bloodshed.

Join us on March 14th at 6pm for a candle-lit vigil at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff.

We're asking people in every country to shine a light of hope for the people of Syria: to take part online and in person, to send a clear message to our leaders that we will not give up on the people of Syria. We will show every child, woman, and man struggling to survive through this conflict that we are with them, that we are #WithSyria.

Please stand with Syria this March to make sure the 3rd anniversary of this conflict is the last.

If you'd like to organise your own vigil elsewhere in Wales let us know and we'll give you as much help as we can

Blog post written by Louise Weinzweig

Activist and Community Campaigner, Oxfam Cymru

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