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Date: Oct 2016

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Can Wales become a Living Wage Nation?

Today in Wales, about a quarter of the population are living in poverty - that's 700,000 people.  ...

Free global citizenship opportunities for schools and colleges in Wales

By the end of 2015 there were over 65 million displaced people across the globe, so it's no wonder that issues relating to refugees, asylum seekers and migration regularly dominate news stories.  ...

Oxjam set to rock Welsh capital this weekend

Welsh music fans are in for a treat this weekend as Wales' capital city is taken over by Oxjam - Oxfam's annual music festival.   ...

Join Us and Speak Up on Climate Change

This month Oxfam Cymru will be joining Stop Climate Chaos Cymru to Speak Up about the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change - and you can join us too. ...

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