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Subject: finance

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Samira, Syria

Record spending but also a drop in income during one of Oxfam’s most challenging years

In an extremely tough financial year for Oxfam the charity spent an extra £3.6 million on responding to humanitarian emergencies and helping people living in poverty worldwide. ...

Budget cuts

With many people in Wales failing to make ends meet, Stephen Doughty, Head of Oxfam Cymru fears that the cuts announced in the most recent budget (21 March 2012) could be catastrophic for those families...

A fierce warning for Wales from Cuts Watch Cymru

More than 1 in 4 people will be affected by the reform of the welfare system, warns Cuts Watch Cymru. The report Wales on the Edge by Cuts Watch Cymru, a coalition of 17 leading poverty charities...

Wales backs Robin Hood

In true Oxfam Cymru style our staff and volunteers dressed up and took to the Senedd in Cardiff to raise support for the Robin Hood Tax. ...

Warning for Wales as G20 inequality rises

Stephen Doughty, Head of Oxfam Cymru shares his views on a new Oxfam report "Left behind by the G20?" in an article on the Bevan Foundation Website. Oxfam's research shows us...

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