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The Big Bling and Buy Sale kicks off

Couples are hiding unwanted gifts and pretending to like them, Oxfam reveals launching The Big Bling & Buy Sale ...

Connie’s Wardrobe Clear out

This week sees the multi talented Pembrokeshire girl recycling her clothes with Oxfam Cymru. ...

Tag Your Bag

From the start of this month Oxfam will be launching one of the UK's largest loyalty programmes. Joining forces with Nectar, Oxfam will be offering customers the opportunity to collect points...

Petition to save Welsh charity shops

Record number of signitures in fight to save Welsh charity shops

A 22,191 name petition has been handed in to the Welsh Assembly to save Welsh charity shops. The petition with record number of signitures of any from the retail sector is calling upon the...

Wales - playing a vital role to protect vulnerable communities and tropical forest

People in Wales can play a vital role in helping to protect one of the world's most vulnerable communities by raising funds for a unique Oxfam Cymru project - and every pound donated will be...

A dress fit for a Queen!

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, Val Griffiths, Oxfam's Trading Area Manager who has worked with Oxfam for over 30 years received an invitation of a life time to celebrate her achievements...

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