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Oxfam in Iraq
Programme update

Meet Zahia

“I am divorced with one son. I must provide for us both. I was a dressmaker before and had a good job. My sewing machine had been burned along with the house and so I lost all my customers... Now I have hope, Oxfam came and helped me repair my house again. [Oxfam] bought me the sewing machine, I am so happy.”

How you are helping

When Zahia and her family returned home after ISIS were forced out of her town, they found destroyed, blackened buildings. With Oxfam's help, Zahia repainted her home and restarted her business as a tailor.

Many others like Zahia want to return to their homes but simple can't due to the lack of water and electricity. Oxfam is rehabilitating water networks across Iraq to enable people to start re-building their lives.

Through your monthly SMS donation to Iraq, you are contributing to our work in the following areas:

  • Lifesaving emergency assistance to over 250,000 people
  • Recovery programming for those who have returned home
  • Promoting women's rights and strengthening the role of women in their communities and the peace process.

On behalf of Zahia and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians we are helping, thank you for your continued support.