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Thank you

Your gifts have helped to provide clean drinking water for so many children in Niger.

Thanks to your generous gifts for the last couple of months, Oxfam's water project in Niger has already started work to repair 11 wells.

Change lives in Rwanda

By giving £5 for 3 more months, will you help us fund this brilliant project based on pig poo and biogas?

How you can help

In Rwanda, 45 per cent of people still live in poverty because they have to rely on small-scale farming. Women bear the brunt of this unpaid, undervalued work, spending four times longer than men collecting water and firewood.

But now we can help these women and their families escape the cycle of poverty - and it all starts with giving a family a pig and a biogas digester. Pig poo is placed in the digester, and the methane is piped into the family's kitchen for cooking. This allows women to spend more time earning money, so they can educate their children and pass this progress on to a new generation.


I used to really struggle, fitting in tailoring and farming with my housework. But after getting a pig and a biodigester from Oxfam, I can cook food quickly and easily. Spending less time and money on cooking and firewood allows me to invest it in my businesses instead.

    - Christine, Rutabo Cell, Rwanda

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There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this project. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects - wherever the need is greatest.