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Tiger worm toilets: turning waste into fertiliser

DONATE £5 TO create your VERY OWN worm TODAY!

Give £5 to help fund a Tiger Worm Toilet, and we’ll send you your very own worm!*

* Not a real worm

They're not just toilets. They're Tiger Worm Toilets! And these worms make easy work of munching away on faeces, eating it up and converting it into a natural fertiliser.

Your £5 will go directly towards a Tiger Worm Toilet Project. And to say thanks, once you've donated we'll send you a link where you can create your very own personalised worm! You could even name one or two after your mates...

What can £5 fund?

In Sierra Leone:

£4.36 buys 1kg of worms, enough for 5 people's poo

In Ethiopia:

£5.16 buys enough woodchips to house the worms in one toilet tank

In Myanmar:

£4.50 can buy 3 garden forks to help with wormeries