Tag Your Bag FAQs

  • How many Nectar points will I get?

    You will receive 100 points when you sign up to Oxfam's Gift Aid scheme ('Tag Your Bag') and link your Nectar card, and 2 points per £1 raised when your donated items sell in an Oxfam shop or the Oxfam Online Shop.

  • What is Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim basic rate tax (25%) on your gift, increasing the value of your donations at no extra cost to you.

  • How can you track my donations?

    When you sign up to the scheme, you will receive a set of personalised stickers that you attach to each bag of donations. When items in the bag sell, you will be automatically awarded Nectar points and Oxfam can claim Gift Aid.

  • Where is my nearest Oxfam shop?

    You can find your nearest Oxfam shop with our handy Shopfinder.

  • What stock does Oxfam need?

    Good quality clothing, accessories (shoes, jewellery and bags), books, music, homewares, soft furnishings and much more. Find out more about donating to Oxfam shops.

  • Can I donate my points to Oxfam?

    You can spend your Nectar points on Oxfam Unwrapped gifts.

  • Will I receive lots of communication from Oxfam if I sign up?

    Oxfam will send you personalised Tag Your Bag stickers in the post when you sign up. If you have chosen to receive emails we will let you know how the scheme works and what happens to your unwanted items. You'll occasionally hear from us when we've got relevant Oxfam news and special offers. It's very easy to unsubscribe from Oxfam communications and we will not share your data with any third parties (including Nectar).

    We will contact you (currently twice a year) to let you know how much your goods have raised for Oxfam. It saves Oxfam money if we can do this by email. If you provided your mobile number and opted into receive SMS we'll send you a text message to let you know when your items have sold.

  • What happens if my items do not sell?

    We will only allocate Nectar points when items sell. However, when it comes to clothes or books, almost everything that's donated will make money for Oxfam and next to nothing ends up in landfill. Clothing is sorted and sold to textile wholesalers or recycling traders who go on to make fabrics into mattress filling or carpet underlay. Unsold books can also generate cash. They go to our 'Book Barn' where they are sold through other Oxfam shops or on eBay, Amazon or online auction. If they don't sell here, they go on to be recycled into bookstands, boxes or even benches

  • Can I donate goods via a Clothes Bank and still get Nectar points?

    You can use your personalised stickers at Clothes Banks, which are in 350 of Sainsbury's car parks and other convenient locations around the country. If you are planning to do this, please make sure you use a strong bag and attach your sticker firmly.

  • Are all Oxfam shops taking part?

    All Oxfam shops will be taking part except the following:

    Shops in Northern Ireland
    (you'll be able to collect points here soon)
    2a Duke Street Wellington, Shropshire
    71/73 Cheshire Street Market Drayton
    5-7 Buttercross Court, Tickhill Doncaster
    47 High Street Wigton
    91 High Street Irvine
    21 Montague Street Rothesay
    2 Orange Lane Montrose
    95 Abbotsbury Road Weymouth
    80 Victoria Street Grimsby
    40 High Street Herne Bay
    5/7 Pier Street Lee-on-Solent
    10/15/16 Pannier Mkt Callington
    24 Skinnergate Darlington
    10 Castle Street Douglas, Isle of Man
    24 Smith Street, St Peter Port Guernsey
    40 New Street, St Helier Jersey
    24 Madoc Street Llandudno
    64 Eccleston Street Prescot
    48 Stepney Street Llanelli
  • How often will Nectar points be added to my account?

    At the end of every week, we will be telling Nectar how many points to add to each donor's Nectar card and these will appear on your Nectar account shortly afterwards.

  • I'm not a UK taxpayer – can I still join in

    We decided to tie our partnership with Nectar into the Tag Your Bag / Gift Aid scheme, for which you must be a UK taxpayer. This is because it raises the most income for Oxfam. This means that you can't collect Nectar points if you are not a UK taxpayer. Similarly, if your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax, please let Oxfam know so we can close your Tag Your Bag account. This will mean that you can no longer collect points for your donations.

  • Can I get points when I buy from an Oxfam shop?

    No, points can only be collected by donating items to Oxfam.

  • Can I get the link points every time I sign up?

    No, you will only receive one set of link points, whether you sign up in-store or online.

  • Can I be part of the scheme if I live in Northern Ireland?

    At present our Tag Your Bag Gift Aid scheme is not available in Northern Ireland. We are working on a project to make this available as soon as possible.