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How are my Nectar points calculated?

  • A 3% admin fee is first deducted from the item price
  • 25% Gift Aid value is added on
  • The sale total is rounded down to the nearest £1.

For example, if your item sells for £1, we'll take off 3% (£0.97) and add on Gift Aid (£1.21), and you will receive 2 Nectar points. If your goods raise £0.99 including Gift Aid, you won't receive any Nectar points.

Please note that points are calculated and amalgamated on a weekly basis. For example, if 3 of your items sell (each for £0.99 including Gift Aid) in a single week, so totalling £2.97 including Gift Aid, you will receive 6 Nectar points. If those 3 items sell in 3 separate weeks, you will receive no Nectar points.

If your items sell in separate Oxfam shops, the points are calculated separately. For example, your item sells for £4.99 (including Gift Aid) in Shop A and another item sells for £8.99 (including Gift Aid) in Shop B. You will receive 8 points from Shop A and 16 points from Shop B (a total of 24 points) rather than 26 points on the total combined sales and Gift Aid value of £13.98.

If a till error is corrected or refund is given, negative points will appear on the supporter's Nectar record. It is vital to correct a till error as quickly as possible to avoid this happening.

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