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Zambia. Women matter.

Supporting communities in Zambia to fight violence against women.

Your support could help us train 15,000 people to better understand the devastating impact of violence against women.

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Your donation can do something brilliant

Violence against women is a global problem, and remains prevalent in Zambia. With your support, and based on our extensive experience working in Zambia, we aim to work with women and men across seven districts, twenty schools, three institutions of higher learning, as well as ten traditional leaders, celebrities and the media to build local and national movements against violence against women. We will push for more effective legislation to help women enjoy the same rights as men, and end impunity for perpetrators of violence.

We aims to mobilise 15,000 people to take practical actions to stand up against violence, and deliver training to help them understand the devastating impact of violence against women. 


What your money can buy

could contribute towards strengthening counselling services in 3 higher education institutions.

could contribute towards training a community volunteer to work towards ending violence against women in their communities by addressing social beliefs and behaviours.

A bit of background

Oxfam has been working in Zambia for nearly 40 years, supporting sustainable livelihoods, health, education, water and sanitation, and helping communities to cope with disasters. Violence against women and girls is endemic in Zambia and can take multiple forms, including beatings, sexual abuse, exploitation, rape, defilement and incest. A United Nations report from 2011 shows that 47 per cent of Zambian women have suffered physical violence at some point since the age of 15. Cultural and social practices condone violence and contribute to maintaining men in positions of power over women. Weak laws also mean that most perpetrators of violence go unpunished. This has devastating consequences. Women are at high risk of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, including HIV, and those living with abusive and controlling partners are more likely to live in poverty.

How we're helping

So far, we have already an awareness campaign called 'I Care About Her' in four districts, which has caused men to better understand the impact of violence against women, and demonstrate greater respect for their wives. Significantly more cases of violence are already being report to police, demonstrating that women are more confident about speaking out. The scheme has been endorsed by the Zambian First Lady and government ministers, and now we are replicating the campaign in more districts across the country.

We aims to train 35 community volunteers to train 15,000 people in two years on the promotion of women's rights, support existing counselling centres to help sexual violence survivors, and help student groups to spearhead a violence prevention campaign. We intend to train people to work with boys in schools to help them understand the issues, and engage celebrities to help encourage discussions about violence against women. We hope to work with magistrates and court officials to hold discussions about sexual violence and conduct analysis of court cases to assess rulings on violence against women, and advocate for the law to be amended to include sanctions for perpetrators.

Look how far your money can go

However much you can afford, your donation will really change lives. 

Geoffrey's story

Geoffrey Chuiga was trained during the pilot of this project to be a champion for women's human rights. "People in the community come to me for help and advice. Just yesterday a woman asked me for help because her 15 year old daughter had been approached by a wealthy man, who claimed he wanted to marry her. I told her: 'It's simple. In Zambia, a child is a child until she is 16. Your daughter is only 15, so she is still a child and this man is breaking the law.' Defilement is a big problem in our community. My 11 year old niece was raped and she contracted HIV. That's what made me want to be a part of this project. Attitudes need to change!"

For every £1 you donate, we will allocate 10p of your donation to cover general support and running costs. There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this project. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects - wherever the need is greatest.