• I would like some resources to help me teach about global issues in the classroom?

    We have hundreds of lesson plans and activities and they are all free to download from the Oxfam Education site. Search for resources.

  • We are doing a school project and would like to be sent some information about Oxfam ?

    Please email Oxfam Supporter Relations and we can post you a copy of About Oxfam, which will tell you about who we are and the work we do in more than 90 countries around the world.

    You might also find the About Oxfam and Oxfam in Action pages on our website useful.

  • Oxfam used to publish books and other printed materials, where can I get hold of them ?

    We don't publish print resources any more. However there are hundreds of free, downloadable resources on our website. You might be able to find out of print resources through Amazon or EBay.

  • Can Oxfam help me promote my book?

    I'm afraid that the Oxfam Catalogue for Schools has been discontinued, and with it, our role as a publisher and distributor of priced resources.

  • Does Oxfam provide any Welsh language resources?

    Yes, we have a range of Welsh language resources [link to search result] available on the Oxfam Education website.

  • What other support can you provide?

    Our magazine for teachers, The Big Picture, is brimming with features, activities, and ideas for taking an active global citizenship approach. 

    Our e-newsletter, published each half term, includes the latest news, resources and advice for teaching about global issues. Sign up to make sure you receive your copy.

    Follow us on Twitter @OxfamEducation to share experiences and ideas with other teachers.

    Contact us

  • Can someone from Oxfam come into our school ?

    Through providing provide fully trained volunteer speakers, Oxfam School Speakers provide a way for students to explore global issues, Oxfam's work, and what we can all do to bring about change.

    We offer one off workshops and assemblies aimed at students aged 8-18. Available in England and Wales.

  • I requested a school speaker but none was available, can someone else come at that time?

    Our speakers are all volunteers and have other commitments. If you are able to be flexible about the time and date we can usually meet your request.

  • Can I request a school speaker at short notice?

    As our speakers are volunteers with other commitments, please try to give at least 3-4 weeks notice. Request a speaker

  • Can Oxfam help me set up a link between my school and a school overseas?

    Oxfam does not facilitate school-linking programmes, but we do have resources available to help you make the most of any school partnerships you already have, or are thinking of developing.

    For support in finding a partner school, visit the British Council website

  • Can Oxfam help us send books clothes shoes overseas ?

    Oxfam does not send donated items overseas. We prefer to work instead by sourcing materials and resources in the country we are working in. This in turn supports the local economy, reduces Oxfam's transportation costs and environmental impact.

    Wherever possible, we do sell these items in our shops to raise funds. Last year, donated goods helped Oxfam raise £79.6 million for our vital work. Find your nearest Oxfam shop

  • I would like to use the Oxfam logo and images from your website ?

    We are happy for you to use information from our website in your work provided that you credit Oxfam as the source, and that the use of such information is in keeping with Oxfam's values.

    With regard to the use of our logo, please first read the terms and conditions for its use.  You can also download a copy of the Oxfam logo here, in addition to some of our current campaign logos.

    As far as images are concerned, many of our photographs are taken by professional photographers and they maintain the copyright.  They then allow Oxfam a licence to use these images. So we don't have the automatic right to pass these images on unless it is for use in Oxfam's work. 

    If you need further advice on permissions, please contact Oxfam Supporter Relations

  • I would like to do some fundraising for Oxfam at school ?

    We have plenty of resources to support your fundraising activity. For advice on getting the most out of fundraising take a look at our Oxfam Fundraising Guide for Schools.

    Many schools have raised money to buy gifts from Oxfam's Unwrapped. This gives you the choice of how to spend your money, and ensures that the funds you have worked so hard to raise, go to where they are really needed.  

    As well as our online materials, we have fundraising resources, such as badges, stickers, balloons and posters, plus Oxfam Thank You Certificates for everyone involved in fundraising.

    Our Fundraising Pack  also provides help and advice about organising an event, and includes a sponsorship form. 

    We recommend that your school fundraise as part of Water Week, as our wide range of learning resources provide a context to raising money, and allows funds to be directed to specific water-related project.

    By participating in Oxfam Water Week, pupils can 

    • Participate in decision making 
    • Explore the work of charities 
    • Engage with underlying issues of water vulnerability 
    • Consider a range of ways to effect change 
    • Carry out safe, effective fundraising

    Water Week 2013 takes place 3-7 June in Scotland, and 1-5 July in England and Wales, but you can participate whenever works best for your school.

  • Can I do Water Week at a different time to suit my school?

    You can hold Oxfam Water Week whenever works best in your school. 

    The dates for Water Week are there as a guide. Teachers suggested to us that the summer would be a great time to learn about water and organise outdoor water activities.

    If the suggested dates don't work for your school, then please make the most of our Water Week resources to support learning and organise events at a time that suits you.

  • Why is Oxfam Water Week in June and July and not on World Water Day in March ?

    Feedback from teachers suggested that the summer would be a good time to hold an activity like Water Week. As shown above, the dates are just a suggestion and can be flexible to suit your school.

    The Water Week learning and thinking activities will support young people's understanding of the issues that World Water Day raises. Water Week can be an excellent opportunity to put this learning into action.

  • Do we have to organise a sponsored walk or can we do another activity to raise money?

    Our resources are designed to help pupils to decide, plan and organise their own course of action. 

    The Water Week Walk is a suggested activity, but we have other ideas that your school could use, or you and your pupils can come up with your own activities.

    Our activity guide is packed with ideas for supporting Oxfam Water Week. Whatever you chose to do all the money raised will go directly to our water and education projects in Niger, providing people with access to clean water, and giving young people the opportunity to go to school.

  • How do we pay in money our school has raised ?

    The quickest and easiest way to pay is online, through this website. 

    Just visit our Pay in Money page.

    You can also send us a cheque, but it is important that you tell us your name, your school's name, address, and details about your Oxfam Water Week activities.

    Our address is 
    Water Week
    Freepost RLXG - GRGX - TCHA
    Oxfam Fundraising Events
    Oxfam House,
    OX4 2JY

    It is possible to pay your money in through an Oxfam shop; however, it is harder for us to match donations through shops to individuals, which means we may not be able to send you a thank you certificate in September.

    If you do pay in through a shop, please email us at telling us the amount you paid in, and to which shop, alongside your name, your school's name, address, and details about your Oxfam Water Week activities.

  • My question is not here, can I speak to someone?

    Not found what you're looking for? Please contact us by phone: 0300 200 1300 or email: education@oxfam.org.uk