An Oxfam speakers talking to school children
An Oxfam speakers talking to school children

Book an Oxfam speaker

Through providing fully trained volunteer speakers, Oxfam can support learners to explore global issues, Oxfam's work, and what we can all do to bring about change.

Sessions are aimed at learners aged 8-18 and are suitable for work across the curriculum. Available in England and Wales.

Following the latest government advice to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be offering Oxfam Speaker visits until further notice.

Options and prices

We can offer a range of options to suit your needs, from a presentation as part of your school assembly to interactive workshops which explore the issues that Oxfam works on.

The charge for having an Oxfam Representative visit your school is £30. This fee covers the cost of the volunteer speaker's travel expenses and the administration of the scheme. Please let us know if you are holding a fundraising event or if you cannot afford this contribution.


  • Presentation as part of your assembly.
  • Workshop max one hour. 
  • Prices are quoted for one visit - i.e. workshops and assemblies must be during the same school day.

Where there is more than one workshop, it is the same workshop repeated with different groups.

Assembly and workshop themes

Presentations explore the work that Oxfam does and can last between 10 and 45 minutes.

Workshop sessions:

  • The work of Oxfam
  • Climate change
  • Inequality
  • Education

Thank you so much for the fabulous session. The students were raving about it all day and it seems to have really sparked their engagement with world issues. This is exactly what we needed.”

Katie Hobster, Assistant Head of Sixth Form and English Teacher, Greig City Academy

Child protection and administration

Oxfam's child protection policy dictates that Oxfam Representatives must be supervised by a teacher at all times. Teachers should be responsible for managing learners' behaviour during assemblies and workshops.

The charge covers the cost of the volunteer speaker's travel expenses and administration of the scheme. Please contact us if you cannot afford this contribution. 

If you are fundraising for Oxfam as part of your event the fee will be waived. 

We ask that people do not request a speaker visit for a date less than 3 weeks or more than 12 weeks from the day they are applying. This is out of consideration for our Oxfam Representatives who are all volunteers.