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Global Learning Programme

Crispin Hughes /OXFAM

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is a free programme supporting UK schools, which equips students to make a positive contribution to a globalised world.

The separate GLPs across the UK are all funded by DfID. We are encouraging schools to join, as this an exciting opportunity to develop global citizenship in the classroom and beyond.

Schools can join for free and take advantage of resources and CPD training. Join the GLP and help develop yourself, your school and your learners.

Global Learning Programme England

Over 6,500 schools across England are already part of the  Global Learning Programme England  (GLP-E). The programme develops pupils' knowledge and understanding of global challenges such as poverty, inequality and sustainability through subject-based learning in key curriculum areas.


Your school will receive:

  • Free, local, peer-led support through Expert Centre school networks.
  • Up to £500 of e-credits which your school can use to pay for CPD from approved providers.
  • An online audit tool and action plan, helping you to identify your school's global learning strengths and priority areas for development.
  • Curriculum guidance to support global learning in key subject areas.
  • Resources to support classroom teaching and whole-school global learning initiatives.

Oxfam is part of the consortium of leading global learning and educational organisations which manage GLP-E.

Sign up on the GLP-E website 

Once registered for  GLP-E, schools can use their e-credits to pay for CPD from Oxfam.  


Also available are free twilight workshops to Expert Centres in England, exploring how international non-governmental organisations can support schools in the GLP. Please get in touch to find out if there are any dates in your area.

Global Learning Programme Scotland

Join over 550 schools that are already benefiting from the free professional learning activities offered by the Global Learning Programme Scotland (GLP-S).

GLP-S supports the development of global citizenship through the curriculum, which is a key strand of Learning for Sustainability.

To access training sessions, day conferences, sharing and networking sessions or tailored support visit the IDEAS website

Global Learning Programme Wales and Northern Ireland

The Global Learning Programme also operates in Wales and Northern Ireland.