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A Sporting Chance?

Use the Olympics to explore inequality within and between countries
A member of the Women's Boxing Team, Kabul. With Women’s Boxing becoming an official Olympic sport in 2012, the girls were fighting for their chance to travel to the UK as part of Afghanistan’s first female Olympic boxing team.

Consider what factors might affect a country's chances of winning a medal or participating in an Olympic sport, such as the resources and training facilities. 

Think about how rules make sports fairer and find out more about Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Olympics, where inequality is a huge problem.

With separate sessions in maths, geography, PE and English, these resources for 9-14 year olds can be used in both a subject-specific and cross-curricular way. Creative teaching ideas for other areas across the curriculum are also available.

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Although this resource refers to the Olympic and Paralympic Games throughout, this is editorial usage only and there is no association in any way between the International Olympic Committee and this resource.