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Cyclone Idai

Find out what has happened and think critically about what makes some people more vulnerable to disasters than others.
Survivors of Cyclone Idai in Beira, Mozambique, face water and electricity shortages and are at risk of waterbourne diseases carried in contaminated flood water.

Cyclone Idai made landfall on the night of 14-15 March 2019 - this weather system caused extensive damage in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Strong winds, a storm surge, heavy rains and widespread flooding have had devastating impacts on the lives of millions of people.

Use this short resource for 9-14 year olds to explore the catastrophic effects of disasters such as Cyclone Idai and how aid is used to support survivors. Develop your learners' critical thinking about what makes some people more vulnerable to disasters than others and what can be done to make the situation fairer.


Cyclone Idai - Teachers Overview
A resource outline, background information, as well as suggested resources and links for further learning.

Cyclone Idai - Slideshow
Consider what a disaster is, why some disasters are worse than others and what makes some people more vulnerable.

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