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Decent work for women

Gender and work around the world
Margaret Mumbua, domestic worker

These resources for 14-19 year olds explore the inequalities faced by women in work globally and in Wales, and follow a learn-think-act approach to creating change. This resource also supports the Global Citizenship component of the KS4 Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge.

Learners will use statistics, an infographic and a range of case studies from Wales and around the world to investigate the inequalities that women face in accessing decent work. They will consider their own personal standpoint and how they could create a campaign to raise awareness of this issue.

Decent Work for Women - Teachers' overview

Session 1: What is decent work?

Session 2: Women's unequal access to decent work: Causes, effects and solutions

Session 3: Women and decent work: Making change happen

Decent Work for Women - Presentation

This is an Oxfam School Groups resource designed to help young people develop their skills and the confidence to make their voices heard. Find out more about starting an Oxfam School Group.