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Ebola: Behind the Headlines

Learn about what caused the Ebola crisis, what are its effects and how it can be overcome
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Oxfam has called for urgent action to prevent the Ebola outbreak in West Africa from becoming the "definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation."

But what caused this crisis, what are its effects and how will it be overcome? This resource contains a presentation to help learners to understand the crisis, a workshop activity and additional materials for teachers to produce their own resources.

This resource is for: schools wishing to present an assembly about the Ebola crisis, teachers who wish to explore the Ebola crisis in greater depth, Oxfam Youth Ambassador groups and Citizenship students planning a citizenship activity.


Taking it further


Learners may wish to fundraise for the Disasters Emergency Committee's (DEC) Ebola crisis appeal. Money raised by this appeal will be shared between the largest UK charities working to combat Ebola, including Oxfam.

Oxfam's guide for schools fundraising.

Raising awareness

There are many misconceptions about Ebola, its causes, its effects and the risks it poses to western countries. Well informed learners could share their learning, either informally by speaking with their families and friends, or more formally by designing displays or presenting school assemblies.

Resource Bank

Please use these materials to produce your own resources.

Photographs from Sierra Leone, October 2014

Oxfam infographics

Oxfam designed these infographics to inform its UK supporters about the Ebola crisis.

Audio clips


Hand washing in Sierra Leone

Priscilla Macfoy is a nurse in Sierra Leone. After receiving training from Oxfam as a Community Health Worker, Priscilla is now a trainer herself and shows other Oxfam Community Health workers how to teach people to stay safe from Ebola - including how to wash hands correctly

Community Heath Workers in Sierra Leone.

 This video shows Community Health Workers using the training manual featured below.


Community health training materials - Sierra Leone, 2014.

Community Health Workers using these materials can be viewed in the photo set and the above video.


Blog post

This post on our blog contains a personal reflection on the Ebola crisis.