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Getting Critical about the post-2015 Global Goals

Examine different views and think critically about what should follow the MDGs.
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Since their creation in September 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have encouraged the countries committed to them to work towards meeting the needs of the world's poorest people. The target date for the MDGs is 2015 so beyond that, a new set of goals will be needed. 


Originally created to assist with the Shape the Future Competition, this activity introduces learners to the views of a range of development experts and organisations interested in the post-2015 framework.


It asks them to consider what they are saying, look at the similarities and differences, and decide for themselves which things they agree or disagree with.

We suggest you use this resource after teaching about the MDGs using Change the World in Eight Steps.

Experts Inspire: Alhassan Adam

Alhassan Adam is Essential Services Global Campaigns Manager for Oxfam.

Experts Inspire: Duncan Green

Duncan Green is Senior Strategic Advisor for Oxfam.

Experts Inspire: Martin Kirk

Martin Kirk is Global Campaigns Director for The Rules.

Experts Inspire: Dominic White

Dominic White is Head of International Development for WWF.

Experts Inspire: Nuria Molina

Nuria Molina is Director of Policy and Research for Save the Children UK. 

Experts Inspire: Martin Woodhead

Martin Woodhead, "Young Lives", University of Oxford; and Professor of Childhood Studies, The Open University.

Experts Inspire: Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is the Prime Minister's Special Envoy on the UN Development Goals.

Experts Inspire: Clare Melamed

Clare Melamed is Head of Growth, Poverty and Equality Programme for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

The production of this resource was funded by DFID for the Shape the Future competition in 2013.