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More or Less Equal? Resources for Geography

Geography (social studies in Scotland) resources for 11-16 year olds exploring Young Lives in an unequal world.

Bring your geography lessons to life by exploring how inequality and poverty affect the lives of young people in different parts of the world, including the UK. Created in partnership with Young Lives and with the support of subject associations, More or Less Equal? has separate sessions in geography, maths and English which can be used in both a subject-specific and cross-curricular way.

Interpret and communicate geographical information, including qualitative and quantitative data and maps. Understand similarities and differences between places as well as key processes in human geography. More or Less Equal? is based on data gathered in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam by Young Lives, an international research project exploring the effects of poverty on young people for 15 years.


Seen and Heard

With thanks to St Kentigern’s Academy and Unicef UK RRSA

Voices from Peru

Voices from Ethiopia


Voices from India

The above videos help to further develop learners' understanding of how inequality and poverty affect the lives of young people in the UK and some of the Young Lives communities.

Image credit (top of page) clockwise, from left: © Young Lives/Antonio Fiorente © Young Lives/Mariluz Aparicio © Young Lives/Farhatullah Beig © Young Lives/Pham Viet Anh

Oxfam is grateful for the support of Postcode Heroes Trust, funded by players of the People's Postcode Lottery, in the development of these materials.

 Geographical Association Publishing Awards