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Raising our Voices

Music resources for 7-11 year olds
The Guarani-kaiowá people, from Brazil, sing and dance. The community are fighting the occupation of their land by farms.

Sing up and bring music into your classroom. These creative teaching resources support you to energise learners and discover the role of music in affecting social change.

Learners will explore the concept of rights and how music has been used to raise people's voices; championing equality in the United States and Latin America. They will then write and perform their own lyrics about inequality.

This resource can be used alongside Raising Her Voice.

Download Teaching Resources 


  • Teachers’ Overview (421kB)

    Includes an introduction to Raising Our Voices, a detailed session outline and background information.

  • Session 1 (351kB)

    Think critically about rights. Learn a song as a class and consider the role of Freedom Songs in the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Session 2 (354kB)

    What do these lyrics mean? Investigate how different musicians have used their songs to fight for a fairer and more equal society.

  • Session 3 (514kB)

    Why do people protest? Explore how music has been used to demand land rights for indigenous people in Bolivia and Chile.

  • Session 4 (260kB)

    Raise your voices. Write a protest song about inequality and perform the song as a class.

  • Slideshow (2MB)

    For use with sessions 1 – 3.