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Schools of Sanctuary: Giving a Warm Welcome

Learn about asylum seekers and refugees and improve your school's welcome

Created in partnership with Schools of Sanctuary, this resource enables learners to think about why refugees leave their homes, what challenges they face, how welcoming the UK is to those seeking asylum and our fundamental human rights. Students can then turn their attention to their own school and the welcome it provides. The aim of the resource is to encourage young people to initiate their school becoming a School of Sanctuary. The structure and content is suitable for all schools, no matter how diverse or homogenous; because when students feel safe and welcome, they can all thrive and reach their potential.

Oxfam is grateful for the support of Postcode Heroes Trust, funded by players of the People's Postcode Lottery, in the development of these materials

Last year, 82% of wealth created worldwide went to the top 1%. The poorest half saw no increase at all.

All over the world, the economy of the 1% is built on the backs of low paid workers, often women, who are paid poverty wages and denied basic rights. It is being built on the backs of workers like Anju in Bangladesh, working for $0.37 an hour, Dolores in chicken factories in the US, suffering permanent disability and unable to hold her children's hands.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We urgently need governments and companies to help create a more equal society by prioritising ordinary workers and small-scale producers instead of the rich and powerful.

We need: 
  • Decent work, living wages and an end to the gender pay gap 
  • The richest companies and individuals to pay their fair share of tax 
  • Free public services for all 

Lasting change

We work with policy makers to ensure more is done to avert disasters in the first place, and support people to rebuild their lives and stand up for their rights.