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Stand as One

Join the campaign to reunite refugee families

Imagine what it would be like to flee your home and leave your family behind. Oxfam is calling for a change to the rules on family reunion so that it's easier for refugees to be joined by their loved ones.

Discover the lives and experiences of refugees before writing compelling postcards to MPs on the issue of family reunion. Develop empathy and be a part of the campaign to change the law.

Download Teaching Resources 


  • Teachers Guide (365kB)

    Includes useful information on refugee family reunion, the new Private Member’s Bill and Oxfam’s Stand as One campaign.

  • Workshop Activity (354kB)

    Stand in the shoes of a refugee and learn how the law affects you. Use role play to explore the stories of people who have been forced to flee. This guide also includes information about ordering your postcards.

  • Action Guide (221kB)

    A short guide to help young people run a successful postcard campaign in their school.

  • MP Cover Letter template (13kB)

    A letter template to help you when contacting your MP.

  • Slideshow (6MB)

    Learn more about the refugee crisis with striking statistics and photographs from around the world.

This is an Oxfam School Groups resource designed to help young people develop their skills and the confidence to make their voices heard. Find out more about starting an Oxfam School Group.