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Health Inequality: Welsh Baccalaureate

Resources for the Global Citizenship Challenge

Inspire learners to come together creatively and innovatively to create change. Use engaging case studies, key facts and statistics to help learners gain a firm understanding of maternal health care in Ghana.

Take a participatory approach to encourage learners to collaborate and form opinions, and guide them through the creation of an action plan to meet their Global Citizenship Challenge.

Download all resources 


  • Teachers’ Overview (277kB)

    An introduction to the topic of health inequality, with further teaching ideas.

  • Activity Plan (306kB)

    Ask young people to think about challenges and solutions.

  • Presentation (3MB)

    Help learners develop their knowledge and understanding of maternal health care issues in Ghana.

  • Action Guide (415kB)

    Develop young people’s global citizenship skills by asking them to consider how they can raise awareness.