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A Big (Bra Hunt) Thank You

Posted by Tanya Kalyan Online fashion assistant

22nd May 2012

Oxfam's big bra hunt sign

I've been working as the online fashion assistant at Oxfam House for just over a month now, but the 1st April seems like a lifetime ago (in the best sense!). I'd only been in the office for three days and off I was to central London to celebrate the launch of the Big Bra Hunt at Spitalfields, my first event and my first BIG campaign with the team.  I had such a fantastic morning that day, my companions and I dressed as what could only be described as...(well, it's pretty hard to describe what we looked like, but one things for sure, we were all wearing a LOT of bras!) and I had a wonderful time speaking to a somewhat stunned public about the journey of a donated bra and getting them to join our Big Bra hunt.

Over the six weeks that followed, one of my favourite parts of the day has been looking at all the shop windows created during the campaign. I LOVE our shops! The displays I've seen have been beautiful, inventive, and a lot of the time, laugh-out-loud funny.

I've so enjoyed looking and laughing at everyone's displays, I want to share a few of them with you on here. I wish I could share them all, but it would be a very long post!

1. Glenrothes 2. Cardiff Boutique

3. Bra-barella at Oxfam Hove 4. Lady Bra Bra Manchester 

5. Stourbridge 6.Eastbourne 7. Stafford 8.Oxfam Royal Mile,  Edinburgh

As well as these shiny examples, I have marvelled at many other window displays this month, among my favourites have to be the bra-bra skirts created by Kingston and Orpington. Really, all the windows I have seen have been fantastic, and it is has been a fantastic campaign to kick start my time with Oxfam. What have been your highlights of the Big Bra Hunt? Let us know what you got up to in the comments below! 

Blog post written by Tanya Kalyan

Online fashion assistant

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