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How to make Friendship Bracelets

Posted by Emma Waight Oxfam Fashion blogger

17th May 2012

three friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets have totally come back into fashion. Originally popular in the 70s, then during my school days in the 90s and now again in 2012, friendship bracelets are fun and easy to wear. Accessorize and various other high street shops are selling them for around £5 each, but it is much more fun and affordable to make them yourself.

Friendship bracelets are traditionally passed from one to another as a sign of friendship. Everyone is getting crafty at the moment, and making friendship bracelets can be a super easy way to get in on the act. I say easy, but there are many different sorts of friendship bracelets. Technically, knotted bracelets are a form of macramé, but simple plaited bracelets look just as effective. Here are three very simple types of bracelet, go on, give it a go!

Things you'll need

  • Embroidery thread (different colours)
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard or safety pin


To make all of the bracelets you need to select your coloured threads and pin them at one end to something secure with a safety pin or use the clipboard. To make a plaited bracelet you will need three threads and simply plait them. To make a thicker bracelet double up on the threads. Too easy?

Double Chain Knot

The double chain knot is the most basic of friendship bracelets. The diagram below shows a step-by-step guide to creating the basic knot, but it may be easier to watch a You Tube video. You can make a thicker bracelet by bundling the threads into two bunches. It involves looping alternative threads around each other to create a figure of eight knot.

how to make a friendship bracelet

The Wrap

To make the wrap you ideally want a bundle of 3 to 6 threads. Take one thread at a time and wrap it around the others as many times as you wish, and then take another thread and do the same until you start to get a totem pole type effect. You can have equal coloured sections or create some kind of pattern.

You can add beads to any of the bracelets to jazz them up a bit. Fair trade craft beads can be bought in the Oxfam shop; alternatively you may have odd beads lying around the house. To fasten the bracelets, either simply tie them onto your wrist or add a bead and a loop at either end to create a fastening.

Blog post written by Emma Waight

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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