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Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum

Posted by Rupy Kaur Oxfam Fashion blogger

13th Jun 2012

Louboutin Sign

So you didn't make it down to the exclusive interview with Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum? Fear not, neither did we, but thankfully there's a lovely snippet online with the creative master himself, providing the best introduction to himself and his vision…

Christian Louboutin - Interview Highlights from Design Museum on Vimeo.

As you heard from Louboutin himself, "designing shoes is a magician's work - a shoe should be visible but sometimes need to be invisible," which may sound like a contradiction in itself when Louboutin's are known for being bold and beautiful, glamorous and glitzy, not forgetting the infamous glossy red sole.  However, as my Oxfam Fashion partner in crime Teresa and I snaked our way through the dramatic exhibition environment we began to appreciate the thought and detail that goes into making some of the most iconic shoes of our times.   Yes, you will notice a woman's appearance which her shoes are part of, but the beauty is in how seamlessly everything becomes one and oozes "style, glamour, elegance and craftsmanship."

Teresa and I oohed and ahhed our way round the beautifully crafted Louboutin's, marvelling at how at once they can be both shoe and objects of art, crafted from an array of materials such as velvet, metal, lambskin, PVC, goatskin and even palm bark!  And that is even before we had the chance to admire the heel and soles of the shoes as our eyes were arrested by razor sharp stilettos and studded sneakers!  I myself am so enamoured by all things shiny and glittery that when I came upon Louboutin's brogues and flats, in more subdued but equally fine materials and finishes, I could feel myself coming down from the high razzmatazz that the exhibition had worked me up into with the bright reds, the darker shoe Fetish zone and not forgetting the amazing performance from Dita von Teese - her hologram I hasten to add, was absolutely captivating! 

Is it possible to choose the one pair of Louboutin's that one really loves?  Here's a pair I spotted from Louboutin's Autumn Winter 09-09 collection.  I love the bright colour and print, along with the satin crepe and who knows perhaps I could even walk in a pair of these…assuming I could afford these in the first place!

Marie Antoinette AW08-09: Satin Crepe, lesag embroidery, Jean Francois Lesage, Great French embroiderer. "Canetille," a kind of embroidery featured on the head of Marie Antoinette: very complicated. Mousseline: torn in precise way. Embroidered pearls.

This got me all thinking about how special a certain pair or maybe even pairs of shoes can be in a girl's life…who can forget the array of shoes we were treated to in Sex and the City? We'd love to hear and see photos of your favourite pair of shoes…tell us about what makes that pair so special to you. 

Christian Louboutin is showing at the Design Museum up to 9th July, get down there now!

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Blog post written by Rupy Kaur

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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Rupy Kaur