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Studding DIY

Posted by Tom Kirkby Marketing Assistant at Oxfam

24th Jun 2012

The Oxfam Festival Shop

Studs have been everywhere this year, on shoes, bags, shirts and jackets from the catwalk to the high street. And it is with little wonder as this DIY is so simple to do. Taking inspiration from this major trend, we decided to take our tool kit to Isle of Wight to get the festival goers involved with a little DIY Oxfam Fashion style (knee deep in mud!).

Studded Jacket

As Bruce Springsteen prepares for his slot on Sunday evening, we grabbed as many denim jackets as we could and set to work on studding. We always believe great fashion comes from reusing old clothes, expressing innovation and alternative style. There were an assortment of studs to choose from and a variety of different jackets. We were able to transform an old look into a fresh style that proved popular with Isle of Wight festival goers.


Here's Holly Roth from the Oxfam Festival Shop team helping out with some DIY studding.


We put the jackets up for sale in the shop, and here's what some of our happy shoppers had to say.

Lauren Barnes from Gosport bought one of our creations, she said: "I love it, I'm going to wear it tonight."
Lauren from Gosport

Andy Mackel from Gloucestershire tried on his favourite design.
Andy from Gloucestershire

Anne Marie Lescott from London thought the jackets looked individual.
Anne Marie from London

Georgina Highland from Kent said: "I really like the studded style, it fits in with the festival and I just love Bruce Springsteen."
Georgina from Kent

Kerri Ilic bought a sleeveless jacket customised with studs on the collar, pockets and spikes positioned on the shoulders.
Kerri's sleeveless jacket

The Oxfam Fashion team set to work studding some checked shirts, ready for Pearl Jam's headline slot on Saturday night. The checked look dominated the 90s Grunge scene and some of the band's dedicated followers indulged in our innovative look throughout the day. 


Here's some of our handy work.

Studded shirts

The Fashion team will be continuing our recent DIY success throughout the festival season. You can catch us at Latitude, WOMAD, Leeds and Bestival. Tell us what customisation you want to see at this year's biggest festivals.

Blog post written by Tom Kirkby

Marketing Assistant at Oxfam

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