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Style spotting at Hay Festival part 2

Posted by Rosalind Jana Oxfam Fashion Blogger

14th Jun 2012

hay festival sign

David Minns is a tailor. He opened the Bristol Branch of 'A Suit that Fits' and the tweed jacket was one of his own creations. The cut was impressive and the additions of a a checkered scarf and boater meant that he blended in well with the books. I spotted Dyana when she hopped on the same bus as me to travel to Hay. She was my first street style snap of the day, and it was rather apt that she was wearing a skirt from Oxfam and a scarf from a charity shop. She bought the boots from Liverpool fifteen years ago, and said that they have been re-heeled several times. 

I loved the mustard shade of my friend Ellie's cardigan. She's a student like me, and we spent a lot of time enjoying the very many bookshops in Hay, along with some fantastic events at both the Hay and the How the Light Gets In festivals. I noticed Hannah browsing in the Oxfam bookshop - it was a welcome shelter from the driving rain, with a lot of enticing looking novels, plays, poetry and travel books on offer. Her coat is from Topshop. 

Hayley and Anya are sisters, and my attention was caught by the way that their outfits subtly complimented each other. Hayley makes displays in secondary schools (she described it as a "generally arty" job) and she bought her coat, which is originally from Free People, on eBay. Anya is a learning support assistant, and her skirt was from Zara.

Mavis works in the Oxfam in Newport, so it felt quite serendipitous to take a photo of her for the Oxfam fashion blog! Naturally, her suit is from an Oxfam - and notice the correlating pinks in the jacket, scarf and striped bag. Toby Parker should have been busking, but the weather wasn't helping his plans. He graciously let me take a photo of what he was wearing though, and his outfit was cobbled together from various second hand sources ranging from charity shops in Hereford to grandfather's wardrobe and a retro shop. The velvet jacket was given to him by his sister and the hat was new. 

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