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The seven wonders of Womad Festival

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

26th Jul 2012

Fairground meets Fairtrade, Sunshine meets Spa treatments - the World of Music, Arts and Dance festival is no ordinary affair.

Each year Charlton Park, in Wiltshire, is taken over by Womad to showcase the very best artists and performers from around the world.

However, this year is a special year for the festival, which is celebrating 30 years since first opening. Since then it has gone on to host 160 events in 27 different countries.

So to celebrate the world of Womad, we have compiled our top seven wonders of this year's exciting festival.

1) The Oxfam festival shop and volunteers

First and foremost, we do have to show a bit of love for our own shop!

The Oxfam festival shop at Womad this year is run by Lisa Morris and a fantastic group of volunteers from Oxfam shops around the country. They work from near enough dawn till dusk helping shoppers, and sorting the amazing clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and blankets (which are all hand-made!).

2) The fashion!

Speaking of fashion, the Oxfam shop is packed full of some fantastic items for festival goers. From beautifully embroidered jackets to colourful saris, the quality of the items is incredible. The team have selected stock which is unique and unusual - a perfect fit for this festival.

All the stock comes from donated items which have made their way to Oxfam's recycling and sorting facility based in Huddersfield. From here the festival stock is sorted out from the different lines and then the team hand-sort all the clothes tailoring the stock to the event.

Here is some of our favs...


3) Kitsch Carnival

When the arena opened today we couldn't wait to get inside and see all what Womad had to offer. We enjoyed the aromas of food from around the world, had a peek at some hand crafted jewellery, but what really caught our eye was the carnival. The colourful and kitsch rides and amusements stood out against the green of the landscape - team fashion will definitely be having a go on the merry go round (but maybe not the wall of death...!).

4) Oxfam campaigners

Food power gives you the chance to make the world of food fairer for everyone - whether that's growing your own, buying Fairtrade or supporting your local suppliers. It's all part of Oxfam's GROW campaign to get all of us looking at food in a different way.

The Oxfam campaigns team at Womad will be out and about asking what 'food power' ideas you have and collating that to form an e-book for World Food Day.

If you're heading to Womad or any other festivals this year keep a look out for the campaigners, have a chat and share your food power ideas.

5) DIY crafts with Mollie Makes magazine

We love a bit of DIY fashion - making something your own and re-using fabrics to create something new.

At Womad we have teamed up with one of our favourite craft magazines Mollie Makes and we are so excited!

There will be a wide range of DIY activities each day in the Oxfam festival shop ranging from clip-in hair braids made from t-shirts to re-working pieces of fabric to make covered buttons.

We will be sharing tips and tricks on how to make these items and showing off some of the best pieces made in our festival shop.


6) Oxfam Stewards

This year Oxfam will provide over 4000 stewards to 11 major festivals and aims to raise close to £1 million. The money generated from volunteering as a steward goes towards Oxfam's life-changing work around the world.

At Womad the stewards will be on hand dealing with tickets and wrist banding, and providing a friendly face around the site to help.

We've loved getting to know the stewards at Womad  - what a stylish bunch they are!

We caught up with a few of the volunteers on their first shift.

7) Workhouse England

Workhouse England has two bases, a converted  18th Century slaughterhouse in Suffolk, and a studio in Hackney, east London. The interesting thing about this brand is that it manufacturers all of its menswear designs in England.

The selection of men's jackets, caps and scarves caught our eye amongst the other fancy dress and food stalls at Womad. We had a quick chat with the designer and will be heading back over the weekend to find out more about this British brand. So keep your eyes peeled on the blog to find out more.


So, that's our seven wonders of Womad  - tell us your favourite things about the festivals your heading to this Summer - and you might get featured on @OxfamFashion's Twitter.



Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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