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Womad festival style spotting

Posted by Tanya Kalyan Online fashion assistant

30th Jul 2012

On the blog we've written before about how Lisa, Fran and the Festival Shop team hand select all the stock they take to each festival over the summer. But, if you've not yet visited one of our shops perhaps you didn't know the team also sell the most BEAUTIFUL nana blankets. Hand-knitted and donated to Oxfam by some very generous volunteers.

Womad Festiva

As with all the clothes picked by the festival shop team, a lot of time and care goes into making these nanas, so at Womad Festival, Kelly and I took one of our favourites out and about to chat to some music lovers about the clothes they've bought and made with a lot of care.



Womad Festival

 We loved how loud and yet laid back Keir's outfit was, this guy's definitely not afraid of a bit of colour, nor too timid to wear bold colours and prints together. Keir is wearing a pair of women's trousers bought from a second-hand market in Bath, and his jacket was bought from a vintage shop in Stoke Newington. But loveliest of all - his top was given to him by a friend, after he customised it using bleach. We really liked the reserve dye effect - a great one to try at home!

Ali May

Womad Festival

Ali was at Womad with Bottletop, a fellow charity who designs and produces ethically sourced accessories out of ring-pulls. We fell head over heals for the elegant clutches and bags on display, check out the full collection at - Ali's retro inspired style also caught our eye, her knitted cardigan was an original St Michaels from the 1980's and her head-scarf was from a local charity shop.

Here are some of the amazing designs from rhe Bottletop festival stall:

Womad Festivl

Womad Fstival 

Womad Festival

Aila Floyd


 We found Aila buying this incredible jacket from the Oxfam Festival shop on her break from teaching dance workshops at Womad (Aila works as a Charleston dancer with The Bees Knees  - I know, we were jealous too!). When we sat down for a chat she told us how her entire outfit was bought from different charity shops round her home town. 'It's difficult to find unique clothes, and I love a good bargain. Charity shopping is guilt free shopping' - word sister!

Sarah Gane

Womad Festival

Sarah is one of the lovely ladies from the Mollie Makes team who joined us for some DIY workshops over the weekend. We loved this full length tweed dress bought from the Oxfam Shop. Grey but covered in multi-coloured flecks - beautiful! Underneath (just seen) Sarah is wearing a floral dress bought form a car boot sale, and her beads were bought from a trip to Mexico. Sarah's hair braid is a Mollie Makes DIY - check out Kelly's blog for the how to here.

Lucie Galt

Womad Festival

 We met Lucie whilst tying our wishes onto the 'Tree of Hope' inside the main arena. It was her long fringed jacket that caught our eye, an original from the 1960s and given to Lucie by her next door neighbour and close friend Vera Morrocco. Lucie's dress was bought from an op shop (charity shop) in Lismore Australia, and her winkle pickers were hand made in South Africa. Lucie is a lady who knows how to accessorise (another reason we loved her outfit!). The headband (which is made from recycled materials) was bought from a stall at Portabello market, her necklace was made up of a number of different found and given objects.

Handmade bracelet at Womad Festival

We loved this beautiful bracelet which was handmade by her friend Runa. Most importantly Lucie was sporting a 'Band 4 Hope' find out more about these special bangles here.

Tree of Hope Womad

This was our message for the tree of hope:

Oxfam food power


Kelly and I loved chatting to the people at Womad about some of the special clothes in their lives, if you own something extra special in your wardrobe leave us a comment below and tell us about it!

Blog post written by Tanya Kalyan

Online fashion assistant

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