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DIY how to... Dip Dye Shorts

Posted by Tanya Kalyan Online fashion assistant

20th Aug 2012

With less than a week to go to Reading and Leeds 2012, my pre-festival buzz has definitely kicked in. And this year it is not just about the bands, there is so much going on in the Festival Shop. As well as selling all those fashion pieces you can't wait to get your hands on, we'll be serving hot tea and coffee from Fairtrade lovelies Cafe Direct all weekend, holding DIY workshops on Thursday, and giving you the chance to win some cool prizes - so there are plenty of reasons to come visit us!

I've been spending the last few days organising my festival bag, and I thought I'd share this quick and easy DIY with you all. Shall see you all at Leeds! 

           What you will need:



A Pen

A Ruler

A set of Scales



A Bucket

A clothes hanger

Dye (intense violet 250g)


Studs *Optional

How to...

Cut your shorts to size using a ruler. 

how to.. dip dye shorts

Bleach the bottom of your shorts: you can either rub bleach over them, or leave the shorts to soak in a mixture of bleach and water until the colour fades - but be sure to wear gloves!

Wash and dry your shorts to remove any leftover bleach before dying them.

how to... dip dye shorts

Follow the instructions on the packet of dye, you'll need to weigh your shorts, and add some salt. 

To get the dip dye effect, clip the shorts onto a hanger and 'dip' them into the dye. Leave them to soak for the suggested amount of time.

how to... dip dye shorts

Once you've done this, wash the shorts and air dry them away from direct heat.

* As an extra detail, I also added some studs to the front pocket, so simple to do - just poke them through your shorts and bend the prongs over.

how to... dip dye shorts

et voilà!

 This technique is so versatile. Why not try it with a pair of white shorts using multiple colours? Or even dip dye a patterned floral skirt? Go on ladies, get experimenting for summer now!

how to...dip dye shorts

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Blog post written by Tanya Kalyan

Online fashion assistant

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