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How to make infinity scarves

Posted by Tanya Kalyan Online fashion assistant

23rd Aug 2012


We've spent the day DIYing with the music lovers at Leeds festival. T-shirt infinity scarves are the perfect upcycling trick for novice crafters. Read on to find out how you can make your very own....

Fringed scarf

Find a medium or large t-shirt in a colour you like. The longer t-shirt = fuller scarf, the wider t-shirt = longer scarf


Lay your t-shirt flat on the ground and cut a straight line under the arm holes (this doesn't have to be perfect)


Starting at one end of the t-shirt, cut a strip about one inch in width stopping half way up

Continue this along the t-shirt


Once you fringed the whole t-shirt pull on all the strips to stop them from fraying


Decorate with beads and buttons for an extra touch


Loop  the scarf round twice to wear

Spaghetti scarf

Cut the sleeves off in a straight line under the armpit

Cut the hem off

Turn the t-shirt sideways and then cut it into one inch strips. Don't cut them all the way off, but leave about an inch at the top

Take each strip one at a time and stretch it until they look like spaghetti - the more you stretch it, the longer your scarf will be

Wrap it round your neck and wear with pride!

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Blog post written by Tanya Kalyan

Online fashion assistant

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