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Interview with Talia Chain from House of Beth

Posted by Emma Waight Oxfam Fashion blogger

16th Aug 2012


House of Beth is an online ethical fashion marketplace selling pre-loved designer clothes on behalf of charity shops and other ethical brands. As a shopping portal, it brings together some of the best second-hand and ethical fashion and presents it to you, the consumer, in a super stylish way. Founded by Talia Chain, House of Beth benefits the charities because they receive a much higher profit margin than in traditional shops with clothing upcycled to increase value. Talia is a social entrepreneur who also founded the Red Light Campaign in 2010, an awareness raising campaign against the trafficking of human beings. 10% of the profits from House of Beth go into the Red Light Campaign.

I caught up with Talia to talk clothing, sustainability and easy upcycling.

  1. How did you get involved in fashion?

Sarah, the Creative Director, and I put on an ethical fashion show with the anti-human trafficking charity Red Light Campaign (covered by Oxfam's Ashleigh) in order to raise money for the charity and awareness about the labour behind the label. We decided that through ethical fashion we could combine our long- standing love of second-hand clothing and beautiful things with our concern for the environment and charities that deal with the wider issues. This led us to create House of Beth.

  1. What would you say to people who argue that sustainable fashion is an oxymoron?

I would have to say that is incorrect - you only have to look at the successes of ethical and vintage fashion companies of today who are making huge improvements in sustainability whilst maintaining the fashion industry which employs a vast number of people and is a worthy industry to invest in.

  1. What are your top tips for easy clothes customisation?

If you treat your clothes well and with a little love and care they will last longer. 

  1. What is your all-time favourite second-hand find?

My vintage wedding dress by Belville Sasoon which I picked up in a Save The Children shop - it is like a beautiful fairy tale and I hang it on my wall like a painting.

  1. Which item in your wardrobe always makes you smile?

My headpiece from Justine Silverstone for House of Beth because Justine's headpieces make you feel like a queen.

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Blog post written by Emma Waight

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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