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From punk art to head scarves - Oxfam DIY hits Vintage Festival

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

15th Aug 2012

Vintage was a hive of fashion and style but also on site -  plenty of workshops were available for the craft lover.

We caught up with two designers who were using Oxfam clothes and accessories and turning them into something new and unique.

This is designer Jenny Hayton who manages the costume department at Central St Martin's.

Vintage Festival Oxfam

Jenny has been using scraves donated to Oxfam to make unique hand printed designs. The scarves were given to Jenny by Oxfam's recycling and sorting facility Milton Point and half the money from the sale of each scarf goes to Oxfam.

Here are some of the designs:

Oxfam at Vintage Festival

She showed us how to turn a scarf into a necklace, and headband:

Take a square scarf and fold it in half...

Oxfam at Vintage Festival

Wrap it from the side opposite the point, so it's about three inches thick.

Oxfam at Vintage Festival

Knot the scarf in three places - the two ends and middle.

Oxfam at Vintage Festival

Then tie around the back of your neck - viola - quirky new material necklace.

Oxfam at Vintage Festival

Jenny also showed us how to turn this into a headscarf. Just knot at the back around your head and you have a new accessory.

Oxfam at vintage headscarf

Thanks to Vintage Festival attendee Charlotte for being our model.

Oxfam headscarves

Punk art

I also took a nose around the 'Art School of '77' which was part of Vintage Festival's art & design workshops.

I caught up with art school headmistress Gillian Fielden who was using t-shirts donated to Oxfam to print punk inspired designs.

Gillian Fielden at Vintage Festival

 The event was so popular that when I arrived on the Sunday - all the t-shirts had already been used!

I got a few snaps of the best designs:

Punk art at Vintage Festival

Vintage at Wilderness

Some crafty work took place at Vintage - and it was great to see Oxfam clothes being made into something new, unique and loved by the people at Vintage Festival.

It just shows, when you donate an item to Oxfam it could go anywhere from Senegal to a '77 Punk Art school at a festival!

Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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