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Style spotting at Vintage Festival

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

13th Aug 2012

Celebrating seven decades of British style and culture, Vintage Festival is a haven for fashionistas.

Oxfam Fashion visited the event at Wilderness Festival over the weekend and what an occasion it was!

Once we had torn ourselves away from the vintage marketplace, hair salon and disco dancing in the Soul Casino, we covered the site looking for the most stylish people - and it was not a hard job.

Vintage Festival

Matt Wilkes (L) stood out with his multi-coloured print shirt and red and white striped trousers both from a thrift store in Portland, Oregon. He topped this with braces and a baker boy hat both from Oxfam. We asked what Matt worked as and he simply said: "as an adventurer"

Hats were obviously de rigour for the men at Vintage Festival. Here, William Smith (R) pulled off a panama hat, bought from Bates hat shop. His jacket trimmed with light blue edges was from The Souk in Howarth and his trousers were a charity shop buy, which he tailored to fit himself. He set this off with a colourful vintage tie. Formal meets funky!

Vintage Festival

This cool couple not only dress vintage but live a vintage lifestyle. Claire and Jethro Shell are keen Lindy Hoppers who had been enjoying the dancing at Vintage's Torch Club (as we had been!) Claire is a keen Ebayer and bought her vintage bag and dress from the site. Her hat was from Dolly Mix Vintage in Leicester. Jethro wore a mix of vintage and charity shop finds - we particularly liked his cool moustache.

When not dancing away at festivals Claire runs a mobile vintage hair salon Pin Curls and Pompadours and Jethro is a PHD student.

 Vintage Festival

We loved Stephanie Davies' (L) stripy red trousers. She teamed them with a quirky tee and vintage sunglasses.

Following on with the red hair theme - this is me on the right! It took me about three hours to get my 1970s style hair flicks so I thought I would share them with you. My dress is from Oxfam (obviously!) and the jacket was given to me by my mum. The smaller necklace I have on, I love so much. It has a heart shape middle with a really cool vintage picture in and then wings coming off - I got this from Resurrection in Liverpool. The longer necklace is full of rings; it's from Topshop and was given to me by my friend.

Vintage Festival

On the left is John Farr and Jane Wilson - snappy dresses and snappy dancers!

Jane wore trousers from Oxfam, which she adjusted to fit her. Her jacket was from a vintage sale at a dance event and perfectly accessorised, her bag and sunglasses are from a stall at vintage event the  Hep Cats' Holiday Weekender.

These two jivers also bring their love of the vintage life into their everyday work - John is a 30s, 40s and 50s DJ and spins on Blyth Radio. As a couple, the pair also work as Jive dancing partners.  

John said: "All my clothes have been picked up at dance events along the years."

We also caught up with our friends at Band4Hope who we met at Womad Festival. This is the stylish Lucie Galt who looked every bit as fab as she did the last time we met - but with new pink hair!

I hope you've enjoyed taking a look through the stylish people we met on site at Vintage Festival. If you feel inspired to bring a bit of old style glamour into you life, check out the Vintage section on the Oxfam Online Shop and take a look through our vintage decades Pinterest boards - pre-50s, 60s and 70s

Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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