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Upcycling: the patch

Posted by Laila Bowman Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

21st Aug 2012

fashion loved for longer

Although I have an increasing interest in ethical and sustainable fashion, I have one problem. I can't resist a good trend. And the issue with trends is that they are inarguably linked to the fast, throwaway fashion of the UK high street. Since I quit the high street eleven months ago, I've combatted this problem by using my own two hands and cutting, sewing or painting the majority of items that end up in my wardrobe until they resemble an item you might find in a high street shop. My current favourite? The patch.


Now you'd be forgiven for associating this with your favourite childhood pair of jeans being repaired by your mum, and if you are of the "make do and mend" mind-set they can still be useful in this way. However, they've come a long way since then!

Patches are a great way to spruce up an old or boring item that isn't quite "you" anymore. You can find them for as little as 50p in charity shops or eBay - a cheap way to give an item a new lease of life. I've even made my own patch out of an old band t-shirt that I no longer wore by cutting it up and sewing it onto the back of a denim jacket, as above. If you're feeling even more creative you can make your own design by taking a scrap piece of fabric and using fabric paint to create a one off, completely personalised patch.

So next time you think an item of clothing is designated to the bin, why not try patching it up instead?

Blog post written by Laila Bowman

Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

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Laila Bowman