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Bestival Yarn Bomb

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

12th Sep 2012

Oxfam Fashion took to the fields of Bestival to spread the word about what we do and how you can get involved.

We decided to yarn bomb a Bestival landmark using wool donated to Oxfam and found a beautiful piano in the Magic Meadows field.

Yarn bombing involves covering a landmark or street item in wool to make a statement or tell a message.

We set off in the night with our Oxfam message tags and wool, to cover the piano and have a chat with the festival goers about Oxfam.

bestival yarn bomb


bestival yarn bomb

 We began by wrapping the wool around the legs of the piano.

bestival yatn bomb

 We then moved onto the top and bottom sections. In between this we stopped and chatted to many festival goers about what we were doing - telling them about the Oxfam Festival Shop and how you can get involved with volunteering.bestival yarn bomb


bestival yarn bomb 

 We then added pom poms and tags with hand written messages to the piano.

Here are some of the messages we left for people to read:

bestival yarn bomb

 bestival yarn bomb

This is the finished piece...

It took five hours but we got to speak to so many people and as a popular attraction on site it was there for festival goers to read and look at over the weekend.


Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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