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ReCraft Book launch

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

20th Sep 2012

ReCraft book by Button Bag launched last night in the Oxfam Camden DIY shop. ReCraft is a way of recycling things you might otherwise throw away - or things other people have given away. The book includes 50 projects to give old things a new lease of life. Here is the reaction on Twitter from the event...

  1. OliviaGordon
    Crafters - I highly recommend new book #ReCraft by the lovely pair at @Buttonbag_UK - best craft book I've seen in ages!
    Thu, Sep 20 2012 01:18:58
  2. mrskatypearson
    The purse I made from a tie! @Buttonbag_UK #ReCraft @OxfamFashion
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:22:06
  3. OxfamFashion
    Loving the #crafts taking place at the #recraftlaunch @Buttonbag_UK #Oxfam
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:47:05
  4. Buttonbag_UK
    Thanks to all the lovely crafters who came to our #recraft night. can't wait to see what you make.
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 15:13:53
  5. SophieMStevens
    Button cakes for @buttonbag_uk #recraft book launch
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 15:14:36
  6. SophieMStevens
    Wonky penguin #recraft
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 15:13:04
  7. twobecomefour
    @SamRSparrow @buttonbag_uk #recraft looks right up my street... Onto my Christmas wish list it goes!! :)
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 14:00:02
  8. shinythoughts
    Hmm, what could I be making?! #ReCraft @Buttonbag_Uk @oxfamFashion
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:52:14
  9. woollyplanet
    At Oxfam DIY Camden #Recraft book launch making button brooches #Buttonbox
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 10:58:22
  10. learice
    RT @TheHighTeaCast: Here's @learice's poor attempt at a corsage #recraft
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 13:50:58
  11. OxfamFashion
    @Buttonbag_UK #recraftlaunch at the #Oxfam Camden shop tonight
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:36:53
  12. mrskatypearson
    Am off to the launch of @Buttonbag_UK's new book ReCraft tonight @OxfamFashion What delights will we be making I wonder..?
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 09:11:23
  13. crazyscissorgal
    Can't wait to check out @Buttonbag_UK new craft book with @OxfamFashion in #Oxfam Camden shop tonight! Scissors to the ready! #crafts
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 04:16:44
  14. TheHighTeaCast
    You can make this Lego clock. It's in the #recraft book by @buttonbox_uk. Christmas list anyone?
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 13:49:28

Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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