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Beyond Biba

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

29th Oct 2012

Biba Dresses

 A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the Beyond Biba exhibition being held at the Royal Brighton Pavilion (until 14th April 2013) showcasing the history of the famous fashion brand.

The exhibition tells the story of how Biba, under the leadership of Barbara Hulanicki, grew from tiny boutique to a global fashion brand and household name. One of Biba's first boutiques was in Brighton and the exhibition explains its history using old photographs and verbal records from past customers who visited the shops. There are some particularly funny commentaries from people describing how stuck up and intimidatingly beautiful the staff were in the Brighton boutique! It was lovely to see how different Brighton looked back in 1966 and to compare it to how it is today. Interestingly enough, today the old Biba shop is an ethical fashion boutique called FAIR which sells gorgeous Fairtrade clothing.

It was lovely to see such a vibrant display of vintage clothes and to hear the interesting tale of from where they came. I think it really adds depth to vintage garments that we purchase today if we know a little more about their history and this exhibition did just that. There were no vintage garments for sale in the museum but I have been scouring Brighton's vintage boutiques searching for Biba ever since!


Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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