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Liberty Lifestyle Craft Fabric Collection

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

22nd Nov 2012

By Hattie Peacock

Are you looking for some crafting inspiration or have a project in mind but are yet to settle on your fabric? The London department store Liberty has just released a new collection especially for crafting, patchwork and other sewing endeavours. Liberty is renowned for their beautiful printed fabric and this new selection is no exception. Whilst their regular fabrics often have a Victorian element to the designs, these new craft fabrics are a little more modern, ranging from 40s style dainty daisies to some rather fantastic 70s-esque florals which remind me of my Nan's ancient bed linen.

This red springy floral would make a fantastic vintage style tea-dress, or if your sewing skills are not quite up to that, it would also look lovely as an easy bandeau-style sundress.

If you fancy making something for your house rather than yourself, this brown and peach chrysanthemum style print would look great splashed across a sofa in the form of some simple cushions. The autumnal colours are also nice and cosy for this time of year. The useful thing about prints this vibrant and detailed is that they require little to no embellishment, and their beauty is often best displayed in very straightforward designs, whether that be a little patchwork or an A-line knee length skirt. A crafting novice's best friend so to speak!

The Liberty fabrics are not exactly the cheapest to buy but these new craft fabrics are a little more purse-friendly than their standard designs. You can get just over a metre for around half the price of what you'd pay for their other fabric. And as I said, the designs negate the need for extra detailing and so you wouldn't have much extra you'd need to buy to get started with these. The multitude of colours in most of the designs also means you could pair them with existing pieces of fabric you may have lying around. And after all, how wrong can you go with a design classic?

Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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