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It's Oxford Fashion Week!

Posted by Rosalind Jana Oxfam Fashion Blogger

6th Nov 2012

oxford fashion week

Oxford: city of spires, intellectual curiosity and - now - style. As of 5th of November, this academic hub will be playing host to its very own fashion week. Designers, boutique owners, models and artists will be descending on this most cerebral of cities, ready to provide and take part in a number of events. They will be helping to shape a program ranging from the Cosmopolitan Show displaying a number of ready to wear collections to the Ethical Fashion Fair, with its emphasis on stalls, speakers and free workshops. At the more Avant-Garde end of the spectrum, the 'Elysium' catwalk promises a range of conceptual clothes - all inspired by the show's name. To round things off, the Haute Couture show will take place on the Saturday in the Ashmolean museum, art of one form being set against another, with tailoring presented among curiosities, art and archeological finds. The Ashmolean was founded in 1683, making it the oldest museum in Britain - in some ways, a fitting location for the most up to date and exciting high-end designers. I've been lucky enough to be invited to the latter show, and am looking forward to seeing what Oxford can offer.

Although it's easy to focus on the four fashion monoliths - New York, London, Milan and Paris - the movement in recent years towards publicizing smaller fashion weeks has been rather wonderful. From Brighton to Bath to Manchester, it seems that every city has a different way of approaching and celebrating clothes and creativity. This emphasis on individuality allows the character of each place to glow, surroundings informing the shows. Oxford is characterized by its architecture, its student community and its heritage. Surely such rich cultural traditions can only enhance what is on offer. 

And if a pocket of spare time is found, then there's always the possibility of going for a glorious autumnal walk through Christ Church meadow or popping into Unicorn Vintage to find some second hand treats. Oxford is delightful for those with an appreciation for the visual - the beauty of colleges such as Magdalen, Brasenose and Corpus Christi sating any kind of hunger for the aesthetic. Blackwell's is a haven for book lovers, and coffee shops and cafes are strung out through the streets. I certainly can't wait to explore a few more of the allies and areas that make Oxford so special. While I'm at it, I might just head over to the first ever Oxfam shop - the first of its kind that sparked a nationwide chain.

Blog post written by Rosalind Jana

Oxfam Fashion Blogger

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