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The Oxfam Fashion team: our favourite party dresses

Posted by Tanya Kalyan Online fashion assistant

7th Nov 2012

This is the time of year I always start looking forward to the party season. Christmas for me, and all it's festivities is simply the best. The nights maybe darker, and the mornings maybe colder, but I'm gearing up to fiesta for the rest of November. Another reason I love this time of the month is that the shops begin to fill with what I call 'the sparkles', all those gorgeous party dresses and heavily beaded tops make me weak at the knees. Funnily enough, it seems as though my soft spot for a good cocktail dress is one also shared by a number of the Oxfam Fashion team. So here we are, to tell you why we love our party dresses so! 


Here I am in the city that practically invented razzle-dazzle in my favourite party dress. I found this in Beyond Retro for a mere £20, I love the over-sized bow, I love the velvet bodice, and most of all I love the way the skirt swishes when I hit the dance floor! 


Dressing up is definitely a ceremonial process, especially if for an important occasion. At the centre of the preparations there is usually a dress. It may appear vacuous to accord such status to an item of clothing, but I will readily admit that an evening dress has transformative qualities. The dress pictured above was worn to a vintage ball that took place in a local stately hall. I was asked to document the evening, and turned up with my camera (complete with a heavy flash) in one hand, and a vintage evening purse in the other.


I bought this dress from a vintage seller at the NEC's Clothes Show Live when I went along with Oxfam Fashion last year. It's an 80s LBD with light boning to the waist and covered in star studs. I love the flattering fit, square neckline and the fact that it has sleeves so is great for winter parties. It holds great memories of my work Christmas meal, and will definitely be coming out again this festive season.


I love this vintage dress because it is classic and flattering to wear with some sparkle for a bit of glamour.


This black and gold dress is my favourite party dress because it's my newest, and I'm fickle when it comes to pretty dresses. It also helps that it cost me a mere pound from my local charity shop. Although Autumn may not be the most suitable time to purchase a strapless dress, I'm planning to take it through the party season by pairing it with a big fur coat to combat the cold.

Now is the perfect time to start looking for that perfect dress - don't forget to visit the Online Shop which has the most amazing selection for you to choose from!

Blog post written by Tanya Kalyan

Online fashion assistant

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