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Oh My It’s A Tie Dye DIY

Posted by Fran Tutt Festivals Team, Deputy Shop Manager

15th Nov 2012

Clothes Show Live

The Oxfam Festival shop team have been hibernating for a few months to regain their strength after that crazy soggy summer but we are back! This winter we are excited to be having a shop full of second hand fashion at the Clothes Show Live. We have been busy at Wastesaver finding party dresses, warm knitted jumpers and shiny sequin tops for December but we wanted to do something special. We decided we were going to reinvent some donated clothes with the magic of tie dye.....


Washed cotton clothing
Plastic boxes/containers
Elastic bands
2 willing volunteers:  Zara the Oxfam shop manager from Manchester Originals and shop volunteer Hannah

To make the dye up, follow the instructions on the packet, more dye = stronger colour. Then dampen any clothing you want to turn into a psychedelic haze. We watched a few videos on Youtube first to see what patterns we wanted to replicate. We decided to go for the classic circle style.

1. Lay the damp top flat on the ground and pinch the middle. Start twisting in a clockwise direction, gathering up the        folded top into a circle.

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

 2. Once in a tight circle, wrap elastic bands around the top to hold it in place

tie Dye

 3. Then place it in the box of dye for around 20-30mins. It you want to do two or more colours, lay just one side of the top in a shallow tub of dye and then dip the undyed side into your other colour. In this tub here you can see with have also attempted the multiple stripe pattern made by putting elastic bands along a rolled up top like a sausage and some dip dye shorts. To create a dip dye/ombre effect just dampen the garment up to wear you want the dye to stop and just dip that end in the dye for the allocated time.

Tie Dye

4. After you have dyed your top as many colours as you like, it is time to see what it looks like. Drain off any dye with a bit of a squeeze and remove the elastic bands and ta-da! Now time for a quick rinse in the washing machine and this top is ready to go.

Errr we may have got a bit carried away after that... (Yes that is my bed sheet)

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Come see the Oxfam Shop at Clothes Show Live at Birmingham NEC from the 7th to 11th December for more technicoloured delights!

Blog post written by Fran Tutt

Festivals Team, Deputy Shop Manager

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Fran Tutt