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Updating An Old Blouse Using Buttons

Posted by Sadie P Oxfam Fashion blogger

23rd Nov 2012

I recently purchased this silky 80s blouse at a thrift shop for €5. I love the stripes and the colour (very chic, don't you think?), but the gold buttons left it looking rather dated. A simple change of buttons was all it needed to give it a new lease of life!

I purchased this large bag of mixed vintage buttons at my local charity shop. They had a chest of drawers filled with buttons, and you can fill a little bag for €3 - not bad! The fact that none of them are identical inspired the mis-matched effect of this up cycling project, which I think looks especially cool when the buttons are in the same colour scheme.

I experimented with a few different colour schemes and settled on sea blue, which contrasts with the brown of the shirt. I really love this colour combination!

Step 1: Remove the old buttons… out with the old!

Step 2: …and in with the (sort of) new!

To sew on buttons, thread a needle and tie a knot in the end of the thread. Where the previous button was, make a few quick stitches all in one place. Push the needle up through the fabric and through one hole in the button, and back down through the other hole and through the fabric. Repeat this a few times. Then on the last stitch, come up through the fabric but not through the button. Wind the thread tightly around the bottom of the button 5-6 times, then push the needle back through the fabric. Do a few quick stitches in the same place again, cut off the excess thread, and you're done!

Step 3: Repeat for all of the other buttons (not forgetting the cuffs )… et voilà! A simple customisation project for modernising shirts and blouses.

Blog post written by Sadie P

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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