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How to... make a Christmas stocking

Posted by SJP Oxfam Fashion blogger

23rd Dec 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and what could be a more fitting DIY for this time of year than a festive Christmas stocking? 

Something of a European tradition, children have hung up stockings on Christmas Eve for hundreds of years, eagerly awaiting the moment when they can wake up and find it full of fruit, coins, and small gifts. 

Since I'm something of a big kid myself, I decided to make my own stocking this year, and this easy DIY can help you make your own one, too.

You will need:

Pattern paper (or plain, thin paper of any kind)
A pencil and scissors
A sewing machine / needle and thread
½ metre of festive fabric of your choice
½ metre of wadding (or similar lining)
Scraps of fabric to decorate

1) Trace out a stocking shape onto your paper. ½ metre was more than enough to make a medium sized stocking, but if you're planning on taking inspiration from Santa's sack rather than a sock then you might need more fabric! Once you're happy with your shape, carefully cut around the pencil line - this is now your template.

2) Fold your stocking fabric in half, pin your template to it and trim around the edge, leaving a 2cm gap. Repeat for your lining. I chose a piece of quilted wadding that I found in the bargain bin at my local fabric shop, but you could use felt or even a heavy cotton in a contrasting colour if you prefer.

3) If you want to decorate your stocking, now is the time to cut out and stitch on stars, initials or festive shapes from your scraps of fabric. I opted for a trim of floral fabric, which I also used to create the loophole.

4) To hang your stocking, you'll need to create a loop. Take some contrasting fabric and cut out a rectangle measuring 15x6cm (6x2.5in), fold the two long edges in and press with an iron. Either hand or machine stitch around the edges to create a neat finish. Fold over, with the wrong sides of the fabric facing together, and put aside for later.

5) Next you need to layer your fabric. Place your wadding or lining right side down, then place one piece of your stocking right side up, on top of that goes a trim (optional) and the loophole you made earlier, still folded in half, with the raw edges facing the outer edge of the stocking. Then place the second piece of your stocking right side down, before layering your wadding or lining right side up. 

Once you've constructed this sandwich of festive fabric, pin it together before tacking with white (or easily visible) thread. This will hold it together while you sew around the edges.

6) You're now ready to start sewing! Hand or machine stitch 2cm in from the edges, leaving the top open.

7) Once you've turned the stocking inside out (the right way around) you'll need to finish the raw edges. I did this by hand stitching the outer layer over, onto the lining, but you could also use fabric glue or adhesive fabrics such as Bondaweb to achieve the same neat finish.

Et volia! You've just made your very own DIY stocking! Give as a Christmas gift to a loved one or place at the end of your bed, and it could be filled with presents come Christmas morning!

Blog post written by SJP

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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